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TOPtoTOP connects people to nature and sport. Share with us the experience to move forward in balance with nature! Pachamama means "Mother Earth" in Inca and is the name of our 15m long sailboat. While sailing with Pachamama, going by bike or climbing we take action to reduce the causes of climate change for human life and nature.
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Where can I join the TOPtoTOP expedition?
Trip Departure Arrival Vacant Contribution Remarks
80 July-October 2014 2 please email Inside Passage from Alaska to British Columbia and California
81 Nov 2014 - Feb 2015 6 please email visiting schools - cycling to NY through the whole USA and back to the boat
82 March - Oktober 2015 2 please email California - Hawaii - Aleuten - NW Passage - Greenland - Canada & US E-coast

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The program is subject to change. Individuals must arrange their own travel to the trip departure point.
What qualities and experiences are required?
In principle, if you want to join a difficult trip, such as crossing the Atlantic, then you must qualify on a normal trip. If the trip under "Where can I join?" is not classified as a difficult trip, then it is considered a normal trip and there are no specific qualities required, except a good mood, willingness to learn, helpfulness and a moderate level of fitness to manage the chosen distance.

At the start of each trip there is a basic induction program, including safety training, use of equipment and the organisation of responsibilities such as cooking, cleaning, sailing and night shifts. Everybody is obliged to assist in the required work, although there is plenty of time to relax and enjoy the experience. During the trip environmental actions will be organised such as beach cleaning, visits to schools and environmental projects. These actions will vary depending on the location and are also compulsory as part of the trip.
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What kind of equipment is needed?
Participants on difficult trips will receive a specific list of materials by email.
For normal trips you will need the following:
Sailing: max. 15 kg
Obligatory: Confirmation of payment (bank statement), passport, money and credit card, sleeping bag, sun cream, hat, sunglasses, waterproof clothing, head-light, small back pack, lifeline (2m x 8mm ropes with a safety hook at each end and a harness), life jacket, first aid kit, toilet accessories, personal medication
Optional: climbing-slippers, musical instruments, swimsuit, goggles, jogging shoes, hiking-boots, books, games, spare clothes, pocket-knife, pillow.
Please note: no suit-cases, please bring a foldable backpack or sea-bag (there is very little storage space on the boat)!

Biking: max. 20 kg
Obligatory: Confirmation of payment (bank statement), passport, money and credit card, bike, helmet, pump, lights, tools, repair kit, spares, lock, suncream, sunglasses, waterproof clothing, tent, mat, sleeping bag, first aid kit, toilet-accessories, personal medication, pocket-knife.
Optional: musical instruments, swimsuit, games, spare clothes.

Climbing: max. 10 kg
Obligatory: Confirmation of payment (bank statement), passport, money and credit card, mountain boots, rucksack, suncream, sunglasses, head-light, warm clothes, tent, mat, sleeping bag, first aid kit, toilet accessories, personal medication, pocket-knife.
Optional: climbing-slippers, musical instruments, games, spare clothes.
How to apply?
Go to "Where can I join the TOPtoTOP Expedition?"and check if there is still available space on your trip of choice. If there is still room, fill out the the application form. You will instantly receive the confirmation for your trip via email. Then pay your contribution to the TOPtoTOP-account.

Please note: If the contribution does not arrive in the TOPtoTOP account within 10 days of the confirmation email, your reservation will be cancelled.
Registration Form
Last name/First name:
Postal code/city:  
Registration trip number(s): eg.: 1 or 2 or 1,2,3
Total days:
I have read, understood and agreed the terms and conditions below.

Any questions?
Terms and conditions
By signing the reservation form you confirm that:
  1. you are aware of the risks that could occur during the TOPtoTOP expedition,
  2. you are sufficiently insured for all these kinds of risks,
  3. although you are insured, you take part at your own risk,
  4. therefore you will not hold liable the TOPtoTOP Club or any of its accompanying members or authorized representatives for loss or damage caused by force major events such as bad weather-storms, fire, flood, price changes or civil disturbance etc.
  5. You will not hold liable the TOPtoTOP Club and any of its accompanying members or authorized representatives for any loss or damage arising as a result of omissions or mistakes, if the person is not acting intentional or in bad negligence.
  6. Smoking and alcohol is prohibited on the ship.
  7. Participants violating rules or directions on board or damaging equipment are fully liable for their acts and omissions.
  8. Participants who cancel their booking up to two weeks in advance are obliged to pay half of the contribution-fee and within two weeks the whole amount must be paid.
  9. The jurisdiction is St.Gallen, Switzerland, and Swiss law is applicable.
TOPtoTOP Club membership is necessary to join the expedition. By paying your contribution you agree that you will automatically become a TOPtoTOP member for the duration of your trip. After the trip you have the option to join TOPtoTOP as an Active TOPtoTOP-Member.

To avoid any problems with your reservation it is advised that you pay the whole contribution* directly after you receive the email confirmation of your trip to the TOPtoTOP-account:
Grundstrasse 14
CH-6343 Rotkreuz
Postcheque Nr. 90-119336-1,
IBAN: CH07 0900 0000 9011 9336 1
IMPORTANT: Please note trip-number, date and number of days under remarks again!

Please note: Confirmation of payment (bank-statement) will be required as a boarding pass to be shown on the first day of the trip.

*Covered are simple food and accommodation on the expedition ship Pachamama or campsite. Not covered are all individual and extraordinary expenditures, like meals and drinks in restaurants, remaining accommodation, permits, different transportation, selfindebted damages etc..

  • children under 16 years old = 50% discount per day
  • long time crew members pay after 30 days 50% less per day
  • students, please check for discounts directly with your institution, school or university
Payment from abroad (outside Switzerland):
UBS, United Bank of Switzerland, CH-3000 Bern
Grundstrasse 14,
CH-6343 Rotkreuz
Account-number: 235 537.752.01Q, (Swiss Francs)
IBAN: CH96 0023 5235 5377 5201 Q,

Any questions?
Reservation,, Sat-Phone: 00871 7625 689 33