Award giving from the 12th to the 25th of January 2014 in Switzerland
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A team of top people from all over the world explore the positive climate solutions Switzerland has put into action. Like on the real TOPtoTOP Global Climate Expedition, they climb, cycle and sail to collect the many unique sites and examples. They produce an inspirational film of hopes and join the TOPtoTOP Ambassadors network to protect our planet. Read more...
TOPtoTOP Climate Solution Award - Become a TOPtoTOP Ambassador
  • build a strong network of TOPtoTOP Ambassadors to protect
  • explore innovative climate solutions
  • produce inspiring documentary film and presentations of good hopes
Climate solutions? Environmental actions? Inspiring sustainable projects and examples in your region? If you have your story to share, join the TOPtoTOP Climate Solution Contest in partnership with myclimate and Presence Switzerland now.

Students with the best entries will be invited to the TOPtoTOP Climate Solution Award Expedition. Now it's time for you to participate and get a lifetime experience and adventure for the next TOPtoTOP Award giving in 2015. Entries are accepted till the 1st of September 2014; no age limit.

Email a video-link or PDF showcasing either your own environmental action or a climate solution you created or a good environmental example in your region to award(at) Best entries are invited to the TOPtoTOP Award Expedition 2015.

Concept for the TOPtoTOP Award Expedition:
More Infos:
Each person nominated works together in a team and takes part in the tour. Like on the real TOPtoTOP Global Climate Expedition, we climb, cycle and sail to the many unique sites. On the tour we will collect the most exciting examples and efforts to protect the climate and study the impacts of global warming during our adventure.

Each team does reports on linked to Facebook and produce a PowerPoint presentation and Press Release about their journey. Participants doing best get the TOPtoTOP Climate Solution Award.

Together we do a documentary to summarize the findings and results. Like this we create a tool to give presentations about the most innovative solutions to protect our climate back home.

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