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Up to date media documents
Image fileen_unep_support_letter.jpg (JPG, 0.3MB) Support letter from UNEP
PDF fileen_presence-switzerland-patronage-confirmation.pdf (PDF, 0.2MB) Presence Switzerland patronage confirmation
PDF fileen_sac-patronage-confirmation.pdf (PDF, 0.1MB) SAC patronage confirmation
PDF fileen_2003-06-28_reference_croatia.pdf (PDF, 0.3MB) Croatia reference
PDF filees_2004-05-10_reference_ecuador.pdf (PDF, 0.4MB) Ecuador reference

PDF fileSGS-Corpcom-ToptoTop_Poster_840x1188-EN-09-HR.pdf (PDF, 3MB) SGS-Corpcom TOPtoTOP Poster in english
PDF fileSGS-Corpcom-ToptoTop_Flyer-EN-09-HR.pdf (PDF, 5MB) SGS-Corpcom TOPtoTOP Flyer in english
PDF fileen_antarctica-poster.pdf (PDF, 0.2MB) TOPtoTOP Antartica in english
PDF fileen_info-board.pdf (PDF, 0.4MB) TOPtoTOP info board in english
PDF filede_toptotop_deutsch.pdf (PDF, 0.4MB) TOPtoTOP brochure in german
PDF fileen_toptotop_english.pdf (PDF, 0.4MB) TOPtoTOP brochure in english
Image fileen_flyer-toptotop-p1.jpg (JPG, 0.2MB) TOPtoTOP Flyer frontpage
Image fileen_flyer-toptotop-p2.jpg (JPG, 0.2MB) TOPtoTOP Flyer backside

Logos, Maps
Image filepic_logo.jpg (1000x642Pixel, 0.3MB) TOPtoTOP logo
Image filepic_swiss-ttt-map.jpg (2048x1372Pixel, 0.6MB) Swiss TOPtoTOP map
Image filepic_global-ttt-map.jpg (2048x909Pixel, 0.4MB) Global TOPtoTOP map
Core Expedition Team Sabine, Dario & Salina Schwörer
Image filepic_pachamama-sabine-salina-dario.jpg (1024x768Pixel, 0.1MB)
Image filepic_sabine-salina-dario.jpg (1024x768Pixel, 0.1MB)
Image filepic_salina.jpg (1024x768Pixel, 0.5MB)
Image filepic_sabine-dario_mountain.jpg (1536x2048Pixel, 2.3MB)
Image filepic_sabine-dario_sailship.jpg (2048x1360Pixel, 0.6MB)
Image filepic_sabine-dario_diablerets.jpg (768x1024Pixel, 0.2MB)
Image filepic_wildspitz_abstieg.jpg (1024x768Pixel, 0.2MB)
Image filepic_glacier-dotemma_west.jpg (1024x768Pixel, 0.3MB)
Image filepic_saentis-sabine.jpg (1024x768Pixel, 0.3MB)
Image filepic_gornergletscher-matterhorn-dario.jpg (1024x768Pixel, 0.3MB)
Image filepic_glacierdutour-dario.jpg (1024x768Pixel, 0.2MB)
Image filepic_sarnen-pass-dario.jpg (1024x768Pixel, 0.3MB)
Image filepic_lac-de-roselend_dario.jpg (2048x1536Pixel, 0.3MB)
Image filepic_genf-start_dario_sabine.jpg (1024x768Pixel, 0.2MB)
Image filepic_pachamama-sailship.jpg (1430x943Pixel, 0.1MB)
Image filepic_sailing-sabine.jpg (768x1024Pixel, 0.5MB)
Image filepic_girls-sailing.jpg (1024x768Pixel, 0.2MB)
Image filepic_thomas-sailing.jpg (1024x768Pixel, 0.2MB)
Image filepic_wildhaus-airbag.jpg (1024x768Pixel, 0.3MB)
Image filepic_schiers.jpg (1024x768Pixel, 0.2MB)
PDF filede_cv-darioschwoerer.pdf (PDF, 0.2MB) Curriculum Vitae from Dario Schwoerer in german
PDF fileen_concept-toptotop.pdf (PDF, 1.0MB) TOPtoTOP Concept in english

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